Friday, February 26, 2021
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Drinks Recipes

From cocktails to punch for kids, find the perfect party drink. Plus videos, photos, and reviews to help you mix drinks right.

COUNTRY TIME Pineapple Punch

Cool and refreshingly fizzy, this pineapple-flavored punch is proof positive that Country Time Lemonade Flavor Drink Mix is not just for kids.

Pineapple Spice Drink

From South of the Sahara: Traditional Cooking from the Lands of West Africa by Elizabeth A. Jackson. This spicy, fruity drink needs to sit in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours and as much as a day. It can also be the basis for a wonderful cocktail made with rum or vodka.

Refreshing Tangy Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice with a kick, thanks to green chile pepper and mint added to the mix, is a refreshing summer drink.

Mojito Lemon-Lime Cocktail

This less-sweet version of the classic cocktail is so refreshing, you might get goose bumps.

Valentine Drink

Found this somewhere on the internet. It's good, but a little sweet.

Springtime Citrus Cooler

This is a refreshing, non-alcoholic cooler made with oranges, Earl Grey tea, and rose water. It is a springtime and summer favorite in our house, this citrus flavored drink refreshes nicely and serves as a great alternative to tea or water at a brunch.

Peachy Iced Tea Refresher

You can serve plain ol' iced tea. Or you could serve this bracing Peachy Iced Tea Refresher with fragrant orange slices. Your call.

Corey’s Oatmeal Cookie Drink

What can I say, you just have to try this!

Gingerbread Coffee

Molasses and spices are stirred into hot coffee and topped off with a generous dollop of whipped cream and sprinkled with cloves.

Sunshine Swizzle Punch

Limeade and lemonade meet raspberry sherbet in this sweet-tart party punch. And that refreshing fizz? That's cold club soda.